Special Features

  • Beach Facing Cabins
  • Private Pool
  • Private Beaches
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Sunrise & Sunset Cruises
  • Nature Trail Walk
  • Wildlife
  • Adventure & Watersports




1 Night 2 Days 18 Oct, 19 Oct, 20 Oct, and more Karwar, India

What is included in the tour

  • Accommodation at cabins
  • Pick up and drop to Mainland Jetty at Karwar, Karnataka.
  • Nature Trail Walks
  • Free Access to Infinity Pool
  • Free Access to Private Beach
  • Use of indoor activity center (board games, books, etc.)

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Tickets for watersports.
  • Lunch & Dinner (in case of regular packages)
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.

About the Island

Cintacor Island Resort, Kurumgad Island is located about 7 km off the Karwar coast of Karwar in north Karnataka, and borders Goa. The island, which was formed during the sub continental drift, has a unique natural ecosystem and was historically significant in early Portuguese-Indian conflict, remnants of which can be found on the trails we've left for you to discover. This is where you're off the grid for the most part, accompanied only by pods of dolphins that have made the immediate sea around the island their play home.

The diverse natural wealth of the island is truly special. We’ve made a conscious effort to help you experience it with as minimal a human footprint as possible. There are precautions to be followed and hours to be maintained while out in the woods or lolling in the waters at the secluded, private beach. The island's oldest resident is perhaps the disarmingly earnest land turtle that can be found ambling about in the woods. Welcome to luxury set in a unique neighborhood. 

Things You Can Do

  • Dolphin Watch
    • A delightful and unique one hour cruise to a spot close to the island to sit in silence and watch the dolphins in their natural, wild habitat. A pod of dolphins have made the waters around Cintacor their year-round home. The endeavour is to enjoy the experience with minimum interference to the dolphins.
  • Sunrise & Sunset Cruise
    • A one hour cruise around the island with the Naturalist as the first rays of the sun touch the waters. With freshly brewed tea and coffee and light sandwiches to stave off early-morning hunger pangs.
    • A one hour cruise around the island at sunset, accompanied by the Naturalist. Enjoy a leisurely tour of islands in the vicinity, the exotic life in the sea below and other fascinating sights.
  • Infinity Pool
    • Between Nemo's Deck and the sea is a place where the lines of reality blur. Tranquil and inviting with a deck and a segregated swimming area for children.
  • Nature Trail Walk
    • Accompanied by the Naturalist, walks along the chosen nature trails can take anything between 45 minutes to an hour and half. Explore the lush surroundings or simply take in the many beautiful views. The longest trail is the one that runs around the island, going past the old fort wall to the beach and back to the jetty.
  • Wildlife
    • Flora: Cintacor is home to a wide variety of tree species. One especially unique set of trees is Victor’s woods, after Victor Coelho, into whose hands the island came into once the Portuguese left. The influences of tropical temperatures, heavy monsoons, isolation, fauna and geological history have fused to develop Cintacor’s varied plant life.
    • Fauna: Home to reptiles and a assortment of invertebrates like snails, butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, frogs, scorpions and snakes. The golden rule here is not to handle any animal unnecessarily, as you learn so much more when you watch them undisturbed.
    • Marine Life: Being close to where the Kali river meets the Arabian sea, the surrounding waters support bountiful marine life. Humpback dolphins and porpoises too inhabit Cintacor’s waters. A variety of crabs have made the beach and the Jetty area their home. Cintacor’s seabirds rely on the marine life for their survival.
  • Lighthouse Tour
    • The lighthouse tour involves a leisurely boat ride to the neighboring island of Devgad with a picnic basket in hand. The French lighthouse dates back to 1934 and is manned by the only two inhabitants of the island. The tour of the lighthouse will be followed by light refreshments.
  • Rock Climbing & Watersports
    • The designated spot for rock climbing and rappelling is a stretch close to the Mystery Creek on the West Mile Way. A fissure that runs deep into the island makes for what we call the Mystery Creek. Interesting rock formations can be found here. Experienced guides will be made available. All equipment will be provided.
    • For sheer exhilaration there are banana boats, zorbing, tubing, kayaking, jet skiing, water scooter rides and speed boat runs.
    • Explore the unique ecosystem of the Arabian sea close to the clearer waters near Devgad island. Snorkeling is open only during the months between October and February.
    • Note: All activities are subjected to weather & sea Conditions.

Sea Facing Cabins

  • Built on the western slope, all cabins are sea facing and have spacious balconies.
  • They are air conditioned, and come with a well-stocked mini-bar, electric kettle, electronic safe, television, and king-sized beds. Roll-away or extra beds are available for two children, or a third person. 
  • Regular Packages
    • A total of 15 cabins are available and are categorized as follows:
      • Cabin-H: The most spacious cabins on the island, with large balconies that invite you to sweeping views of the sea. (No. of Cabins: 6)
        • Tariff (per room per night; inclusive of 28% GST and breakfast for two persons):
          • Weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun): INR 18,500/-
          • Weekday (Mon-Thu): INR 15,300/-
      • Cabin-O: Spacious and welcoming with balconies that overlook the sea. Perfect for couples and small groups of friends who prefer their cabins close together. (No. of Cabins: 4)
        •  Tariff (per room per night; inclusive of 28% GST and breakfast for two persons): 
          • Weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun): INR 16,000/-
          • Weekday (Mon-Thu): INR 14,000/-
      • Cabin-S: Large and lively with pop art on the walls and balconies that overlook the sea. (No. of Cabins: 5)
        • Tariff (per room per night; inclusive of 28% GST and breakfast for two persons):
          • Weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun): INR 22,500/-
          • Weekday (Mon-Thu): INR 18,500/-
  • Group Packages
    • Maximum number of persons: 45 (subjected to availability)
    • Tariff (per person per night; inclusive of 1 breakfast, 1 lunch & 1 dinner and 28% GST)
      • Weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun):
        • INR 9,975/- on double sharing basis.
        • INR 7,975/- on triple sharing basis.
      • Weekday (Mon-Thu):
        • INR 8,775/- on double sharing basis.
        • INR 7,575/- on triple sharing basis.


The cuisine spans local Konkan, Continental and popular Indian - with a happy overdose of fresh seafood. Nemo's Deck, The Jolly Rogers Club and the rustic On The Rocks beach shack are where you can dine and snack, at different times of day. A limited menu is also served in your room.

How to Reach

Our boat Victor will pick you up from a jetty on the Karwar mainland. Dabolim and Hubli are the nearest airports. Trains and buses regularly ply to Karwar. We'd be happy to arrange a taxi transfer from any pickup point. If you are coming in by road, our mainland parking lot can accommodate your car.

Cintacor Island Resort is a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland jetty at Karwar, Karnataka. Our boats depart at regular, scheduled intervals from the mainland jetty. We can arrange private transfers for you from the nearest airport, railway station and bus station.

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