Originated from the concept of chanting mantras, hymns from Vedas from the early centuries BC, the Indian classical music is broadly categorized in to Hindustani and Carnatic styles. From the earliest temple priest singers to performers singing in description towards the nature, season, time of day, folklores and festivals, the Indian classical music evolved across time to influence and be influence several other forms and structures of music. The tour comprises of acquainting about Swaras – musical notes, of the Shrutis – the microtonal intervals between the successive degrees of the scale, of the two Gramas – parent scales, and of the Murchanas – scales obtained by transposition, Jaties - fundamental harmonies, Ragas - subdivided harmonies. Visit some of the oldest and contemporary music schools audience live music compositions and performances, meet some musicians and music-historians. Along this journey, you would also rejoice some scenic Indian natural regions, temples and holy places, and experience the local cultures, art forms and traditions.


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